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Aphorism #22

by 고창수 posted Aug 18, 2012


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Wind on the water 

#22 "사진은 진실보다 표현의 예술인 것이다"라고 사진의 비평에 있어서
사진의 Reality와 Realism보다는 사진의 해석에 더 많은 비중을 두는 경우
결과만이 지배할 뿐 과정과 진실은 왜곡 될 수 있다. 


Photography is, in today's photo criticism, largely seen as an expressive art form, not a medium of truth.

But concentration on the interpretation of reality instead of reality or realism itself is likely to lead to the situation

in which the created products prevail at the cost of processes involved in the creation.